"It's okay to make a mess"

Why it's okay

It's Hard to Imagine.

But at one time, Our Apps were scraped from major stores for reasons unknown. "I thought it was the end of it. I tried to do something, but i guess it's just not everyone's cup of tea" , the C.E.O & Founder, looks back and chuckles. Sushanth would often spend hours and hours on his PC, trying new things, and successively end up failing. Those failures paved his way to keep on trying and to continue doing, what he loved to do.

Leap of Faith

A leap of faith is what brought the company to what it is, today.  Sushanth had the desire to do something different, than the rest. He first listened to his Entrepreneurial Spirit by coding his very first app for the college he was studying in. A yearning for computer science led him to be successful and do things he never thought he could. Sushanth's story is one of guts and determination, to follow his dreams of being his own boss and sharing his love of technology and writing. "When it's the passion that keeps you awake, nothing can ever stop you from doing what you love"

Our Founder

Sushanth Shajil

Why it's important to Inspire

"When you step out of your comfort zone, it's only then you realize that nothing is impossible. The Ability to create, dream & Inspire has power more than anything you ever will see. Set an Example, be Different, Be Weird, Be Unique."

-Sushanth Shajil, CEO & Founder, Coax Studios

Sushanth Shajil

Sushanth Shajil is Google Play App Developer, a Game Developer, a Motion Graphic Artist, a Graphic Designer, an Author & a Podcast Host. Sushanth  hopes to inspire more people around the world on his show.

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