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Axiom Tech for Google Assistant

Launch your google Assistant and say "Ok Google, Talk to Axiom Tech

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CX Podcast

CX Podcast is our latest venture where we talk about tech and interview people with interesting stories that help inspire. 

Donno - The Game

Based on the Flappy Bird Concept, we have released a much more effective &  fun way to keep you busy for hours! Available on Google Play

Bits Please Code Community

We started a Coding Community at K.S School of Engineering & Management. We found a perfect way to Organize, Manage & Execute. The App is Available on Google Play.


Tech News from Around the world at your Fingertips.

Creative Concoction

creative concoction

An Android App for tailored short stories specially for you! 

Kssem College App

A Brilliant Way to Organize, Manage & Direct Bus Routes, Information and much more!

Trending Products

creative concoction

Creative Concoction Blog

"Where Short stories steal the Limelight."

Creative Concoction App

An Android App for tailored short stories specially for you!

Projects in progress

Nyhar Welkin

We're Developing a PC Game that's packed with action & adventure.

Unspoken Ardour

A Novel is on it's way!

Hunters in Bangalore - A Short Film

hunters in bangalore

The story about two brothers stuck in a life threatening situation. The film weaves it's own story while the drama unfolds.